Our awards

The Ayming Group achieved double success in the rankings of the best advisory companies prepared by the French, opinion-forming economic magazine “Capital”.

Ayming is ranked first in the “Cost optimisation” category, ahead of such companies as Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company or Boston Consulting Group and the so-called Big Four, and is the only company that was awarded 5 stars!

Additionally, Ayming is one of the three companies, along with Accenture and A.T.Kearney, which were awarded the highest recognition of 5 stars in the “Purchases” category.

“5 stars” have been awarded to the companies most recommended by clients and consultants.

It is an immense recognition of Ayming, the more so that opinions of clients constituted the main assessment criterion in the “Capital” rankings.

We thank our Clients for trust, and the Employees for commitment! Thank to you, we are the leader among the largest players. As you can see, we aim right! The top ranking position motivates us to do more work and create value for our Clients!

1. place among consulting companies in the "Cost optimisation" category


Ayming received the highest award of 5 stars in the "Purchases" category.

5 stars in the "Purchase" category