Who are we?

Ayming Polska advise clients how to improve their overall financial and operational performance. We have been conducting and implementing cost optimisation processes since 1986, and since 2004 in Poland. During this time, we have completed over 5,000 projects in Poland and analysed over 527 m zł expenditures of Polish enterprises.

We support over 2,500 clients in many fields: food products, banks / finances / insurance,  construction, energy / gas / water, mining, real estate, health care / social aid, industrial processing, wholesale and retail trading, transport / tourism / hotels, services / entertainment.

We have been continuously developing, with new optimisation solutions being added to the current offer every year. Since January 2016, we have been also advising how to take advantage of the new CIT relief related to R&D expenditures.

The operational costs optimisation services provided by Ayming Polska are confirmed with the ISO 9001:2008 certificate. The company is also member of Polska Konfederacja Pracodawców Prywatnych Lewiatan.



Our approach

Optimum and effective management of the company and creation of development paths based on specialised knowledge is a challenge facing managements of all enterprises. 

Success in business requires not only optimisation of the structure of present-day costs, but also their forecasting and planning for the future.

The essence of ensuring stable operation and optimum development of the enterprise consists in:

  • managing risk,
  • optimising processes and costs,
  • planning directions of development of the company based on trend analysis.


In these areas, Ayming Polska offers strategic and operational consulting concentrated around three values:

The innovative programme “VALUES AND RESULTS” based on these values guarantees: 

  • SECURITY: identification of key risks and their management, in order to ensure security of business management,
  • BENEFITS: generating benefits and development of the enterprise with cost optimisation and efficient implementation of savings,
  • FORECASTING: proactive approach to development and skilful designation of future directions, objectives and challenges.