Work in Ayming Polska

Ayming Polska is an excellent team of specialists who are best in their class. Combining the experience of the services executed in the scope of Business Performance, we offer state-of-the-art programmes with which the clients obtain maximum benefits.

We dynamically operate branches in 16 countries: Belgium, Canada, China, Czechia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Holland, Poland, Portugal Spain, Slovakia and USA. We work for the most prestigious and demanding clients who expect state-of-the-art support.

Work in Ayming Polska ensures continuous development of skills with training events and motivational systems. We are convinced that our methods of integration and support of new employees ensure optimum conditions under which they can take new challenges. This is why we use the mentoring method in the process of integration of new employees.

Ayming Polska ensures for its employees possibilities of development of their competencies and strengths. The organisation is permanently committed to the protection of quality of life in the work place and combining professional and personal development. In France in 2005, Ayming Polska signed the Diversity Charter, and the Parenthood Charter in 2008.