Analysis and consulting

Analysis of costs of electricity, gas and excise conducted by Ayming Polska allows to adjust trading and technical conditions to the individual needs and the energy profile of the Client. This comprehensive approach and examination of all the elements that contribute to the final cost of electricity allows to achieve the maximum use of the optimisation potential. 

Areas of analysis and counselling:


  • Optimisation the energy profile of the enterprise: Ayming Polska experts, based on the Power Law and grid operation instructions, conduct the technical analysis and verify the possibilities of optimisation in the area of the energy profile, including, among others, active energy, passive energy, or adjusting certificates.
  • Recovery of overpayments for purchase of energy and gas: Ayming Polska consultants verify whether there were overpayments for purchase of electricity and/or natural gas over 3 years preceding the signing of the contract.
  • Optimisation of excise on electricity, natural gas and coal products: Ayming Polska experts verify the possibilities of exemption from excise, as well as conduct the process of recovery of the overpaid funds.
  • Verification of contracts with suppliers of energy and gas: Ayming Polska lawyers specialised in the energy law analyse contracts of purchase of electricity (for earlier years and currently in force) in view of protecting the enterprise against unfavourable entries.
  • Negotiating more attractive prices of energy and gas purchase: after receiving from the Client his offer of purchase of energy, Ayming Polska consultants develop an alternative proposal of price or recommend implementation of the rate obtained by the Client.