The Energy Audit

Statutory requirement for businesses

The amended law on energy efficiency (journal of laws from 2016, item 831) came to life on October 1st, 2016. It requires certain businesses to conduct an energy audit. The purpose of the mandatory energy audit is to acquire information on the energy consumption of said business and to determine how and to what level it can be decreased. 
The mandatory energy audit extends to businesses that meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • company employs at least 250 employees on average per year, 
  • annual turnover exceeding 50 million EUR after tax,
  • total annual balance exceeding 54 million EUR.

The deadline is just around the corner 

The first energy audit needs to be carried out within 12 months since the date the law came to life, specifically by September 30th, 2017. Following that, the company is required to report the audit’s result to the chairman of the Energy Regulation Office. The audit needs to be re-done every 4 years. Not following this requirement may result in a fine of up to 5% of the annual income. 

Audit – safety, benefits and forecasting 

Ayming Polska offers comprehensive energy auditing services. We perform the basic or expanded versions of the audit, we also help acquire funding for higher energy efficiency in the company. Ayming Polska provides professional support that is centered on 3 values:

Security – risk prevention and management. Ayming Polska experts analyze the actual condition of the business and identify areas for improvement. The audit is carried out in accordance with the guidelines as stipulated in the energy efficiency act and with the norm PN-EN 16247. 

Benefits – generating value. The analysis enables Ayming Polska experts to develop and present solutions for cutting the running costs of devices, installations and facilities, boosting the efficiency of the energy management model and improving financial metrics in the organization. Furthermore, the expanded audit increases the chances for the company receiving funding on investments for better energy efficiency.

Forecasting – knowledge for the future. Working with Ayming Polska provides access to specialized insight regarding energy economy in the company and information on the most recent legal and market changes.