Optimisation of costs of energy and gas

Managers of undertakings face a number of challenges in their daily lives. Effective and stable development of business requires continuous searching for the possibilities of increasing proceeds and continuous optimisation of expenditures.

For many companies, electricity and costs of gas are significant items in the list of costs. Entrusting cost optimisation with external experts gives additional possibilities of their reduction. Ayming Polska has expert knowledge on the Polish energy market, in particular in the scope of optimisation of costs of purchase of electricity, gas and excise on energy products (gas, energy, coal). 

Ayming Polska offers comprehensive advising in the scope of reduction of costs of energy. With the detailed knowledge of the market and the latest technical and financial solutions, Ayming Polska allows to generate significant savings, as well as ensure stability of supplies and costs over years.

Cooperating with Ayming Polska, you take advantage of professional strategic and operative consulting focused around 3 values:

  • Safety: risk prevention and management. Verification of contracts with suppliers of electricity and gas in terms of application of contractual provisions advantageous for the Client. Analyses and identification of hidden costs, if any, applied by operators. Managing the excise exemption process.

  • Benefits: generating profits. Obtaining savings. Reduction of costs of acquisition of gas and energy.

  • Forecasting: knowledge for the future. Analysis of trends in the energy market. Specialised knowledge as regards the energy management in the scope of important changes in the law and in the market.