Analysis and consulting - local taxes and charges

Ayming Polska ensures a comprehensive approach and the analysis of all factors that affect costs in the area of taxes and local charges, as well as implements the solution focused on the maximum use of optimisation potential.

Areas of analysis and counselling 

Ayming Polska effectively implements savings in property tax and costs of perpetual usufruct, based on a proprietary system, developed on the basis of 13 years of experience in tax verification and cooperation with over 500 communes. The Ayming Polska methodology is based on four areas, such as:

  • Individual implementation strategy: broken down into stages and taking into consideration the individual approach both to the Client and to the commune.

  • The highest quality of services: as the sole company, Ayming Polska executes the process of implementation of solutions in accordance with ISO standards.

  • Guarantee of fast execution of the project: Ayming Polska covers all costs of the project and takes reward for success, which guarantees completion of the proceedings in the shortest time possible.

  • Partnership cooperation: both with the Client and with persons responsible for property tax on part of the commune.