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Ayming Report: R&D relief. A milestone towards business innovativeness

In April 2018, Ayming Polska commissioned Kantar Millward Brown and Opinia 24 to conduct quantitative research projects, with the aim of learning from entrepreneurs from chosen sectors about their research-development activities and the awareness  and their plans regarding the usage of the R&D tax relief.

A study conducted in 2016 by Kantar Millward Brown has revealed that only 40% of the companies conduct R&D activity. On the other hand, in 2018, as many as 55% companies declared that they carry out R&D.

Despite the visible increase, 45% business still believe that they are not conducting any R&D.

Understanding what R&D activity is has key importance for using the research and development relief. This tax incentive rewards businesses for advanced as well as simple R&D activities. Companies that do not identify the simple R&D activities that they do, lose the chance for savings that could be used for advanced R&D, which can provide a major enhancement of the company’s innovativeness.

Are companies genuinely not conducting research and development, or are they unaware of what R&D really is?

Read the Ayming report: “R&D relief. A milestone towards business innovativeness.”



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