Challenges for companies

Changing market conditions force companies to continuously identify cost areas and undertake verification actions. Costs of taxes on estate properties, perpetual usufruct and excise included in the price of energy, gas or coal products are one such area. 

With the unique know-how and experience, Ayming Polska experts will verify 

  • Whether taxes and charges paid for commune authorities are in the proper amount.
  • Whether the actual and legal situation of the enterprise is settled in the scope of taxes and charges.
  • When the method of calculation of taxes and charges was last verified and, as a result, whether it is done properly.
  • Whether the technical documentation is up to date.
  • What is the probability of tax inspection and what may be its consequences.
  • Whether reduction of tax charges and recovery of overpayments is possible.
  • How fast and in compliance with regulations conclusions from the analyses may be implemented so as to bring about measurable savings and increase in cost effectiveness.