Excise costs verification

Ayming Polska executes projects of cost verification of excise included in the price of and energy products:

On the basis of the comprehensive analysis, Ayming Polska experts determine the savings potential and present solutions that allow companies to reduce costs or be completely exempt from excise. All the recommendations are based on the effective acts of the law, directives and the latest judicial decisions and are prepared in cooperation with legal advisors. As a result of the conducted implementation proceedings, companies obtain refund of the overpaid excise.

Ayming Polska consulting includes such areas as:

  • Cost verification of excise on coal products, gas and electricity – Ayming Polska allows to generate real savings based on the binding confirmations from the competent bodies or signing agreements with suppliers of services under the offer.

  • Comprehensive legal services – legal advisers and Ayming Polska specialists draft up the appropriate letters to bodies, customs offices, actively manage and track the course of administrative procedures, as well as obtain the necessary legal opinions during the conducted procedure.

  • Operational consulting after the implementation – Ayming Polska experts ensure, among others, analysis of the latest judicature.