Property tax verification

Ayming Polska has introduced the service of property tax verification in the Polish market. With unique know-how, long-term experience in conducting analyses of the actual, legal and financial situation and the proprietary implementation methodology, Ayming Polska offers solutions that allow companies to both reduce tax and efficiently recover overpayments. Additionally, Ayming Polska has its own R&D department that tracks changes on the ongoing basis in the scope of analyses of property tax and develops innovative solutions.

The consulting of Ayming Polska includes :

  • Verification of the method of taxation of the assets of the enterprise along with site inspection.
  • Legal analysis of all categories of property tax taxation objects: land, buildings and structures.
  • Taking specialised measurements of the property area by architects with the relevant licences.
  • The legal and tax expert opinion and the technical expert opinion of the property.
  • Conducting implementation proceedings.
  • Recovery of overpayment as a result of implementation of the recommended solutions.

Within the conducted actions, Ayming Polska ensures covering of all costs related to the execution of technical and legal and tax expert opinions, measurements taken by architects and land surveyors, as well as full legal services for the implementation along with costs of representation in proceedings at law, if any.