Tax verification

Success of the enterprise depends not only on continuous search for the possibilities of increasing proceeds, but also on verification of the current structure of costs and foreseeing and planning future expenditures. Every company has various costs related to taxes and charges, including:

Costs of ownership of buildings, structures and land are one of more important items in the budget of enterprises. This is why it is so important to verify them and plan for further years: it is not accident that land and mortgage registers include entries extended over very long periods of time.

Ayming Polska, as the first company in Poland, introduced the service of property tax (land, building, structures) and perpetual usufruct charges verification. With the unique knowledge, implementation experience and the current line of the judicature, Ayming Polska guarantees full and efficient recovery of overpayments in each of these areas.

Cooperating with Ayming Polska, you take advantage of professional strategic and operative consulting focused around 3 values: 

  • Safety: risk prevention and management. Property tax. Verification of the actual status of estate properties in terms of compliance with the current regulations of the law and their interpretations by the competent bodies. If undervaluations are identified, developing customised strategy in terms of elimination or minimisation of prospective penalties. Costs of perpetual usufruct. The detailed analysis and verification of the charge (or updating it) for perpetual usufruct. Reduction of the charge and obtaining the decision in the scope of perpetual usufruct with guarantee of stability of charges during a period of three years. Excise. Obtaining case interpretations from tax authorities, confirming excise exemption. Substantive support and services in case of inspection, if any.

  • Benefits: generating profits. Property tax. Efficient recovery of overpayments. Financing of the project until the time of obtaining binding decisions. Covering all costs related to the execution of the project, including: drafting up expert opinions, comments, justifications. Costs of perpetual usufruct. Obtaining the maximum overpayments resulting from verification of the legal status of perpetual usufruct. Excise. Preparation of the process of exemption from excise. Efficient obtaining of overpayments.

  • Forecasting: knowledge for the future. Property tax. Continuous monitoring of legal changes, drafts of acts and awards in the scope of property tax. Support in the scope of taxation on new investments. Costs of perpetual usufruct. Monitoring market factors that affect changes in charges and the method of land use. Education in the scope of changes in the law that affect the amount of charges for perpetual usufruct. Excise. Education as regards prospective hazards related to improper use of excise.