Optimisation of the accident contribution

Ayming Polska offers a comprehensive optimisation platform in the scope of the accident contribution, including verification of the method of calculation and the amount of the contribution, advising in the scope of its settlement, interpretation of the filed legal regulations, as well as a proposal of solutions significantly improving the scale of savings.

With the unique know-how and the execution of the process based on the proprietary methodology, Ayming Polska allows to obtain significant savings and undertaking actions focused on minimisation of the level of contributions and obtaining the maximum financial effects in the following years.

The methodology of Ayming Polska is focused on 3 areas: 

  • Settlements: Ayming Polska experts analyse accident insurance contribution in order to identify the potential and its optimum settlement in the given contribution period.

  • Law: Ayming Polska consultants conduct the analysis in terms of application of unique legal solutions and selection of the relevant path of cooperation with ZUS, in order to maximally reduce the accident insurance contribution amount and obtain additional financial benefits for the Client.

  • Prevention: within the additional service, provided after completion of the analysis, Ayming Polska experts prepare a customised simulation of accident factors and hazard conditions that affect the interest rate of the accident contribution in the following years.

Guarantees of Ayming Polska: 

  • Safety of the implementation – Ayming Polska consultants confirm the properness of optimisation solutions with ZUS.

  • Professional documentation: all the documentation is developed by authorised specialists in the field of social insurance law and industrial safety.

  • Expert supervision: the project is executed by top-class experts and specialists with long-term experience in proceedings with the Social Insurance Company.