Challenges for companies

Acquisition of EU subsidies is a complex process which includes the analysis of the possibilities of receiving subsidies, drafting up the complete set of documents and applications, and settlement of the obtained subsidies.

Taking advantage of the R&D tax reliefs is only possible in case of the proper identification of R&D actions and projects and the proper assignment of eligible costs that entitle to the use of the relief in CIT.

With the unique knowledge and global experience, Ayming Polska experts, in case of:

EU subsidies:

  • Will verify chances of the company to obtain subsidies.
  • Prepares the professional application documentation.
  • Ensures help in the process of settlement of the received additional financing. 

R&D tax reliefs:

  • Verifies whether the company may make use of the R&D tax relief and in what scope.
  • Correctly qualify costs that entitle to take advantage of the CIT relief.
  • Ensures legal, technical, scientific, and accounting support.