EU subsidies

In the years 2014-2020, Poland – within the cohesion policy – will receive Eur 82.5 billion from the EU budget, which creates new possibilities of development for enterprises. Obtaining subsidies is a time-consuming process that requires definition of the project, selection of the source of support, filing the application for the subsidy, signing the contract on co-financing and settlement of the awarded public aid. With the experience and unique knowledge, Ayming Polska ensures professional support in the process of acquiring EU funds, which significantly increases chances to obtain subsidies

Ayming Polska offers comprehensive support in acquiring European funds in such areas as:

  • Research and development projects: support in obtaining subsidies for R&D works aimed at development of new products or services and making of changes in the production processes, as well as construction and equipment of research and development laboratories.

  • Investments increasing energy efficiency: support in obtaining funds for changes in technological processes focused on reduction of energy consumption of production and minimisation of negative impact on the natural environment, investments in the scope of waste management, and production of energy from renewable sources.

  • SME investments: acquiring subsidies for expansion of the production potential, as well as introducing new products and services for small and medium-size companies.

  • Horizon 2020: support in obtaining subsidies for international research and development projects.

Guarantees of Ayming Polska: 

  • Assessment of chances to obtain subsidies: Ayming Polska experts conduct a comprehensive analysis to enable assessment of the chances of the project to obtain subsidies and indicate the areas that require improvement or development. The assessment is done by a panel of experts, based on, among others, the base of knowledge and external consultations.

  • Support in each stage of the process: Ayming Polska consultants offer comprehensive support, from selection of the support program, to professional drafting up of the documentation, to execution and substantial support at the stage of settlement of the project.

  • Expert supervision: the projects are executed by top-class experts, including scientists and engineers, and specialists with long-term experience in acquiring public financing.

  • Obtaining scientific support: with the cooperation with scientific and research and development entities, Ayming Polska enables companies to obtain the relevant scientific support, as well as to establish a consortium.

  • Implementation of the strategy of the company development with the use of EU funds: Ayming Polska enables planning and implementation of long-term strategy of the company development, which takes into account the available public financing. Ayming Polska consultants specialise in both investment, as well as research and development or training projects.