New possibilities of development for companies

In modern economies, innovativeness is the key element of building competitive advantage of the enterprise. Creating and implementing innovative solutions allows to win new markets, increase quality or effectiveness of production processes, which translates into dynamic development and a strong market position of the company.

The financial 2014-2020 perspective opens before Poland new development possibilities, offering Eur 82.5 billion, majority of which is dedicated for entrepreneurs. At the same time, since January 2016, the entrepreneurs investing in research and development may take advantage of the R&D relief in CIT.

Ayming Polska specialises in implementation of projects accelerating development of enterprises and allowing them to optimise expenditures for research and development. With the unique know-how, Ayming Polska effectively supports companies in acquiring EU funds and tax reliefs for R&D activities. Ayming executes globally over 15,000 such projects per year.

Cooperating with Ayming Polska, you take advantage of professional strategic and operative consulting focused around 3 values: 

  • Safety: risk prevention and management. EU subsidies. Monitoring the schedule of contests. Preparation of the concept of the project in terms of the given contest. Drafting up the documentation for formal and substantive assessment. Support during the entire process of acquiring additional financing. R&D tax reliefs. Identification of R&D projects. The proper qualification of costs based on research and technical knowledge, legal regulations, positions of tax authorities and decisions of courts. Drafting up case interpretations of the body. Representing the Client before tax organs in the scope of questions or control on part of the body.

  • Benefits: generating profits. EU subsidies. Determination of the probability of obtaining additional financing. Advising in the scope of customising the project in order to achieve the most advantageous additional financing from the EU. R&D tax reliefs. Drafting up technical and financial documents and calculations. Obtaining the highest possible R&D tax relief in CIT.

  • Forecasting: knowledge for the future. EU subsidies. Enhancing the level of innovativeness of the conducted projects. Settlement of the costs of the project co-financed with the EU funds. R&D tax reliefs. Full use of the relief and knowledge about savings in income tax on legal persons. Support in filling in the tax return in the scope of the R&D tax relief. Minimising administrative obstacles.