Labour costs

Labour costs are some of the biggest costs in every organisation. Savings can be looked for in such unobvious areas as accident contributions and contributions to the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON).

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Recently enterprises have been struggling with increasing operating costs. Bigger financial burdens can be compensated for by verifying the correctness of settlements of accident contributions which are fully financed by the employer and by decreasing contributions to the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON).

We support enterprises in implementation of solutions that optimise all the components affecting the employer’s labour costs, including the amount of contributions made to the Social Security Institution (ZUS). Thanks to our unique know-how and the knowledge of current judicial decisions related to labour law and social security, we can help generate significant savings and take preventive measured aimed at achieving the most beneficial financial effects in consecutive years.

We have carried out over 1,500 projects of social security cost optimisation with particular focus on accident contributions. The entities that trusted us include: Danone, Wyborowa, Perła, Heinz, Eden, Animex, Tesco, Delecta, Tchibo, Nutricia, Polmos, Carlsberg, Mostostal, Atlas, Castorama, Michelin Polska, Budimex, Mlekovita.

We efficiently verify: 

  • if a company pays its accident contributions to the Social Security Institution (ZUS) correctly,
  • how the accident contribution is calculated,
  • if and how it is possible to reduce the amount of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of the Disabled contributions,
  • how much potential savings we can generate by optimising Social Security Institution costs,
  • how to generate savings on social security costs in an efficient way and in conformity with labour law regulations, social security regulations and occupational health and safety rules.