Welcome on Board

Every Ayming employee is an important part of our community, plays and important role in our organisation and has impact upon its success.

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We want our new employees to be aware of our approach, but most of all, we want them to experience it right in the first few days of their employment. We offer the same opportunities to everybody, from the moment of induction to adjustment of their individual career paths.

We respect individuality of our employees. We create a positive and dynamic work environment which supports everyone in facing challenges and in their individual growth. We help one another by sharing knowledge and ideas and by combining our complementary skills to achieve the best results possible.


Inclusive organisation culture

Our organisation culture is diverse and inclusive. Every day we apply practices and actions that are aimed at levelling the playing field for everyone to grow in their workplace and at realistically supporting our employees.

  • When moms return from their maternal leave, we pay special attention to the process of transition: we discuss their return to work with them, we implement schemes that support their comeback. If needed, we offer flexible forms of employment. Our goal is to provide long-term support.
  • Fathers have flexibility with regards to paternal leave.
  • We support our employees in their return to work after longer illnesses. Depending on individual situations, we offer flexible hours of work to help our employees return to work.
  • Our employees who are about to reach their retirement are provided support – we organise informative meetings for them and allow them to work part-time.
  • Moreover, we support charity events: Imagine for Margaux, Run Against Cancer, la Parisienne, Brussels Run.



Diversity and the “I WILL” programme

We recruit motivated and open people. We create a work environment where everyone feels respected and appreciated and where they can realise their potential. Our culture is based on diversity and it is an important factor that influences the success of our organisation. We are present in 15 countries and our team is composed of talented people of various origins. All our employees can show their potential in an environment that respects individual and cultural differences.

In France, one of manifestations of such an approach is our “I WILL” (International Women In Leadership Lab) programme, the objective of which is to support leadership among women: we offer a programme of personal and professional development to those that are willing to get involved in it. Thanks to this programme women can strengthen their leadership skills and use our internal support. Programme participants take part in meetings with inspiring women, during which they are accompanied by mentors – our key employees. The mentors help the participants prepare to strategic positions in our organisation.


The process of induction of new employees

Your first day at work at Ayming is extremely important for us. We want all our employees to feel welcome and appreciated. New persons are taken care of by more experienced colleagues. We will introduce you to the team, to the new environment, we will help you understand our organisation culture and support you in performing your role. Integration of new talents is a part of a comprehensive package of support which favours a fast process of adaptation to a new workplace.