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Ayming Poland prepares market reports on innovation, R&D relief tax, labor costs and local taxes.

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Balanced business

What key challenges and opportunities are companies facing with the CSRD directive? How is the integration of sustainable transformation reflected…


From numbers to innovation. How CFO accelerates business growth?

How CFOs view their role in developing companies’ innovation in these challenging times? Where is the CFO’s position on the…


To be on the safe side… savings. Accident rate management and company finance

A report “To be on the safe side… savings. Accident rate management and company finance”, prepared together with the Business…


International Innovation Barometer 2022

Ayming’s third annual International Innovation Barometer describes tactics for carrying out innovative activities before uncertainty. To create the Barometer, we…


Business breathing a sigh of relief. 5 years of R&D relief in Poland

The report “Business breathing a sigh of relief. 5 years of R&D relief in Poland ”summarises the first years of…


International Innovation Barometer 2021

Ayming’s second annual International Innovation Barometer tells a story of increasing complexity, set against the backdrop of the global pandemic.…


Work accident insurance contribution

Businesses often view work accident insurance contribution as a purely HR-payroll problem, which is not strictly supervised by the financial…


The Road to Innovation and COVID-19. Challenges for the CEO

The “Road to innovation and COVID-19” report describes the challenges associated with developing innovation in companies, including obtaining external financing.…


International Innovation Barometer 2020

Research and Development (R&D) spending is on the rise across the globe. In an increasingly dynamic and fast-paced global economy,…


R&D relief. Small steps towards innovation

The Ayming Poland report describes the benefits and challenges of accounting the R&D relief and provides practical tips on how…


Real estate tax. Settling it right, from the ground up

The Ayming Poland report describes irregularities in the settlement of real estate tax in enterprises in Poland. It was created…


R&D relief. A milestone towards business innovativeness

Currently, R&D relief is the most accessible form of support for research and development activities on the Polish market. In…