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If you join Ayming you will have a chance to try out different paths of career.

This is possible due to our dynamic and constantly developing team and opportunities to gain international experience. We create paths of career suited to your goals and aspirations.

You will be regularly seeing your superior who will listen to you, motivate and encourage you to overcome your limitations to fully use your potential. Every career is unique – therefore we have only prepared the milestones based on which everyone can define their own path. If you wish, you can move place, change your position, move abroad… and choose your professional life. At Ayming you are in charge of your own career – #bossofyourworklife.

Everyone at Ayming has the opportunity to develop hir or her career. Today I work in the fifth position, I took part in the mobility program three times and received two promotions. "
Cendrine Maillard, Menedżer ds. rozwoju HR w Ayming

Current feedback

Each project or task ends up with summarising it between the manager and the employee. What is the most important for us is continuous improvement of activities, therefore we have elaborated the culture of regular feedback. It allows us to quickly identify the employees’ strengths as well as areas that need further development.

In the next stage we prepare together a development plan which is to contribute to your success and help you take another step on your career path. Apart from regular talks, at Ayming we have professional annual performance reviews during which employees present their training proposals, expectations concerning their growth or their intention to requalify.


Annual reviews

Every year we have annual reviews with all the employees to summarise our cooperation and to prepare a plan for the future. Purpose? Optimum organisation. We are sure that the balance between good mood at work and good performance can be achieved when an employee is in the right position suited to his or her competencies and if they feel that what they do makes sense.

Official annual reviews are communicated to the HR department which makes sure that the employees contribute to the company’s success by using their strengths. Thanks to regular identification of skills and talents of our workers we can continuously improve our organisation, which translates into our higher efficiency in achieving our customers’ goals.

Be in charge of your career or #bossofmycareer

What are your professional dreams and aspirations? After two years of working at Ayming and with the support of the manager, you can take part in the “boss of my work life” programme. We believe in you, we want to know your professional goals and support you in achieving them.


Career Committee

This is the last stage of the #BossOfMyWorkLife programme. You can present your idea for development to the Regional Career Committee. What could it be? A project related to international mobility or an innovative project that has influence upon other enterprises. Selected ideas are evaluated by the Ayming Group Career Committee. You will present your idea to the Management Board. We will listen to you and if it is possible – we will make your idea come true.

Mobility program in Ayming

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Come along!

We live in a constantly changing world, therefore traditional, linear paths of career are no longer sufficient for our teams. At Ayming we understand that our needs change all the time. That is why we are open to diverse career paths, according to your aspirations. Together we work on creating an individual path of development – including international career. Your next step: apply to a position in a different place within the organisation and use an opportunity that suits your professional plans.

Positive and open relationships, supporting ideas, setting new challenges and motivating to act - these factors give us all the courage to think outside the box."
Magdalena Burzyńska, Managing Director, Ayming Poland