Tax on real property

Verification of property tax settlement correctness can generate significant savings for a company.

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Based on Ayming’s report, 65% of companies settle property taxes in a wrong way, while 44% overpay them.

Without thorough knowledge of legal and tax issues and without technical knowledge, correct property tax settlement can be really hard. The amount of tax that is payable to the municipality also depends on changes in tax regulations, as the Act on Taxes and Local Charges refers e.g. to such acts as Construction Law, Act on Income Tax or indirectly even to the Act on Ports and Harbours.

Ayming was the first company in Poland to introduce the service of property tax payment verification. Property tax verification is carried out on the basis of legal, tax and technical competencies as well as based on experience gained in cooperation with public administration authorities in different municipalities. The project is implemented by an interdisciplinary team of experienced specialists.


What do we offer?

  • verification of the method of taxation of company assets
  • analysis of future investments in order to determine the amount of property tax due
  • legal and technical analysis of all the property tax categories: land, buildings and structures
  • specialised measurement of usable area of buildings taken by experienced architects
  • getting refund of overpaid amounts for the last 5 years as a result of implementation of recommended solutions
  • comprehensive handling of tax proceedings
  • monitoring legal changes on the market and implementing the latest solutions

How are we different?

  • since 2004 we have been supporting companies in Poland with regards to property tax verification
  • we have more than 30 years of global experience in property taxation
  • our team is composed of experts, tax advisors, lawyers, construction engineers and architects
  • we cooperated with public administration bodies in most municipalities in Poland
  • our analysis is based on an on-site inspection of real property, measurement of usable area of buildings as well as on accounting and technical documents
  • we support enterprises at every stage of project implementation, ensuring accuracy and security of the implementation