Accident contribution

Not many companies look for savings in reduction of accident contributions. Verification of that amount could generate savings amounting to as much as 3% of total annual wages.

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The accident contribution is a cost that is fully incurred by the employer. It is determined individually and its amount depends on several factors. Regular and annual verification of the accident contribution allows a company to generate significant savings.

The accident contribution is the only premium in the Polish social security system which depends on many factors and which is variable. The interest rate on the accident contribution depends e.g. on the number of employees working in hazardous conditions and injured in accidents at work as well as on the nature of company operations and the risk category related to them. Every company which successfully takes care of occupational health and safety and thus minimises the threats and accidents in the work environment, pays a lower accident insurance contribution. It is not enough to determine the amount of contribution once – it has to be verified every year in terms of many factors.

Based on Ayming’s analysis, companies lose on too high accident contributions.

accident contribution's overpayments result from danger conditions
companies pay a contributionm calculated on the basis of a higher rate than indicates their PKD code

Accident contributions as an unobvious cost

In many cases the persons who take decisions in this respect are not aware of the fact that accident contributions are settled incorrectly, which results in significant overpayments. Meanwhile, the tax-payers may verify the amount of accident contributions and successfully retrieve the overpaid amounts, even from the last five years.

Based on Ayming’s experience, accident contributions are often treated by companies as something that is only related to HR and payroll issues. Therefore, it is not as much controlled by financial departments as other operating costs. We tend to believe that this is a fixed amount we need to pay to the Social Security Institution (ZUS) and that it cannot be managed in such a way as for instance the cost of energy can be.

How hazardous conditions influence accident contribution? 



Costs under experts control

Ayming Poland carries out comprehensive verification of accident contributions. It includes a whole range of activities aimed at generating savings and minimising the amount of contributions for consecutive years.

projects carried out in Poland
effectiveness in the scope of applications submitted to ZUS
100 mln
identified savings within accident contribution

What do we offer?

  • verification of the amount of accident contributions and retrieving the overpaid amounts for the last five years
  • evaluation of the accident ratio in the company, which directly affects the amount of accident contributions
  • analysis of parameters of the company and factors that are detrimental to health according to applicable standards and interpretations issued by the Social Security Institution (ZUS), National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) and the Central Statistical Office (GUS)
  • adapting the value of the correction factor in order to obtain the optimum accident contribution amount
  • verification of documentation correctness and its compliance with currently applicable provisions of the law with regards to social security
  • substantive and legal support during potential ZUS and PIP inspections
  • implementation security – we confirm the correctness of proposed solutions with the Social Security Institution (ZUS)

How are we different?

  • the biggest experience on the market – we introduced this service to the Polish market in 2005
  • security of implementation of proposed solutions, due to our own methodology
  • application of legal solutions that increase the scale of possible savings significantly
  • a team composed of legal experts, former ZUS employees and specialist in health and safety
  • cooperation with all the 43 branches of the Social Security Institution (ZUS) all over Poland and with almost half of the 215 inspectors
  • preparation of professional documents by authorised specialists in social security law and health and safety