New investments and cost segregation

Proper estimation of property tax amounts is specifically important at the stage of planning future investments.

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New investments of a company, such as purchase of land, construction of new buildings or making new installations have to be included when determining the amount of property tax. In this way enterprises can estimate future expenses and avoid overpayment.

Ayming Poland supports enterprises in property tax settlement for new investments, which allows them to establish an optimum taxable amount. Based on excellent knowledge of current regulations and many years of experience in preparing legal, tax and technical opinions, Ayming Poland experts are very effective at stock taking, accounting and tax settlement of investments.

Ayming Poland elaborates and implements solutions that ensure correct settlement of property tax for consecutive years.

What do we offer?

  • identifying and specifying fixed assets created or bought for the purpose of an investment, based on provided accounting, architectural, construction and legal documents
  • assigning appropriate initial values to particular fixed assets providing the basis for calculation of depreciation write-offs and property tax due on a new investment
  • applying appropriate tax depreciation rates according to the Act on Corporate Income Tax
  • preparing grounds for the creation of a fixed assets register for the inspected investment
  • preparing statements for the purpose of property tax calculation (for all taxation categories – buildings, structures, land)