About Ayming

We are a trusted partner with more than 30 years of experience. We support companies in achieving better financial results.

Further together

We help enterprises improve their financial results. We combine highly specialised knowledge from various fields with vast experience, making sure that are customers’ financial settlements are done correctly and generating savings for further investments. They can perform much better with us. We are a global team of 1,300 co-workers operating in 15 countries in Europe, North America and Asia. We have been operating in the field of consulting for over 30 years now, including 15 years in Poland. Globally, we focus on innovations, operations and labour costs, helping companies achieve return on their investments.

How are we different?

Specialised knowledge and experience – we have introduced the services of real property tax verification and accident insurance premium verification to the Polish market. We had impact upon the shape of R&D relief. These are our main fields of expertise and no-one can match with us here.

High quality of implementation – we guarantee accuracy of our solutions and we support entrepreneurs at every stage of the project until measurable results are achieved.

A unique combination of competencies in the following fields: technical, accounting, legal and taxes, allows us to achieve maximum financial benefits for our customers.

Individual approach to the customer – we rely in our work on deep understanding of the needs and context of an organisation.


We provide support in the following areas


Research and development are the key conditions of maintaining business competitiveness. Meanwhile, companies often do not use all the existing options of innovation financing, including tax incentives. Every year we provide global support for about 15,000 R&D and innovative projects, generating one billion euro in the form of financing. In Poland we help companies obtain subsidies, reliefs for R&D activities and IP Box.

Taxes i finance

Controlling the costs of growth is very important if we want to secure sustainable development of a company in a long-term perspective. We must guarantee profitability of investments, focus on projects that generate growth and allow them to be financed with equity or with external capital. One of the solutions that can provide funds that a company needs for investments is verification of settlement correctness and of tax reduction options. In Poland we support companies in verification of real property tax settlement correctness.

Labour costs

By finding new ways of engaging and motivating employees, we support companies in fully using their potential. Engagement, tendency to take risk, knowledge, work ethics, decision-making: every person is a whole ocean of possibilities. We have trained more than 50,000 people and we provide annual savings at the level of 310 million euro for our customers. In Poland we support enterprises in verifying the correctness of accident insurance premium and reduction of PFRON contributions.


In the times of digital transformation and big data, a fresh look at the area of operations can turn them into a very important source of competitive advantage – in the form of e.g. innovations or information. We provide specialised knowledge on purchase and procurement. Our customers generate, on average, about 15% of savings on operations, which translates into approximately 265 million euro per year.


We provide services according to the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System

In our work we rely on deep understanding of needs and contexts: every company is one of its kind, every situation is different, there is hardly ever a single “universal” solution. We achieve measurable results by implementing projects together with our customers, being there with them, carrying them out until they actually produce results. We perform our work by sharing our specialised knowledge: we employ leaders in such fields as engineering, data analysis, taxes, physics, chemistry, medicine and other – they are the ones that your experts can talk to like peers.

We bring new energy to the organisations of our customers, we support decision-making processes at all levels by increasing available funds and reducing costs while at the same time building trust and creating an environment of continuous growth. This approach, based on cooperation and relations, is combined with the efficiency of modern technologies. Our exceptional relations translate into above-average results, and since we are certain of the effectiveness of our activities, we share both risks and benefits with our customers. We create sustainable relations – we have been working with some of our customers for more than 10 years. They can go further with us.