Welcome to Ayming

You are most welcome to join us for an incredible adventure in a team of professionals who create a friendly and interesting workplace.

You can sense our “Ayming” approach in everything we do. We make sure that our employees feel good, appreciated and heard. Therefore we act according to four main principles.

  • Our style of management involves strengthening the role of employees – we engage them in decisions concerning the company, we allow them to take responsibility for what they do and to follow their ambitions.
  • Strong values and beliefs guarantee respect at all levels of organisation.
  • The spirit of cooperation turns us into one team – though operating all over the world – whose power lies in complementary skills, knowledge and experience.
  • Our work environment offers unique and inspiring experiences.
Be the Boss of your work life

Our success is entirely due to our 1,300 colleagues. We are proud of this collective intelligence that delivers excellence for our clients. Our role is to nurture and foster our colleagues. That is why we focus on a working environment that promotes flexibility, trust and employee well-being.

We are committed to helping people achieve their professional dreams and ambitions: international mobility, career changes, innovation projects and entrepreneurship. Get ready to change the way you approach your career, from your first step with us. Our goal is to encourage individual development to ensure collective growth. What’s your goal?

Working at Ayming is a pleasure to cooperate with demanding clients, interesting challenges and satisfaction from achieving goals. “

Agnieszka Giżejewska-Sabela, HR Manager
employees worldwide
average seniority in Ayming Poland
of staff work 10+ years
women work in Ayming Poland

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