From numbers to innovation. How CFO accelerates business growth?

CFO's contribution to the company's innovation process.

Cover image - From numbers to innovation. How CFO accelerates business growth?

How CFOs view their role in developing companies’ innovation in these challenging times? Where is the CFO’s position on the company’s map of innovative processes? How CFOs accelerate business development?

Report’s key findings:

  • 54% of CFOs see their role as crucial to the company’s innovation
  • 48% of companies do not require their CFOs to be increasingly involved in the development of business innovation
  • 75% of CFOs identified that, as part of innovation development they deal with the preparation of project financing strategies, including raising external funding development
  • 42% of CFOs point to lack of funding as a barrier to innovation development
  • 69% of companies declared that they do not use external sources of funding for innovation

The report encompasses the following key areas:

  • How CFOs see their role and what organisations expect of them?
  • How does the CFO support innovation development?
  • Main barriers to the development of innovation in a company
  • AI  – opportunity or threat to innovation?
  • Impact of ESG on the development of company innovation