The R&D tax relief. Challenges, opportunities, solutions

Cover image - The R&D tax relief. Challenges, opportunities, solutions

Since the beginning of 2016, conducting research and development activities, both advanced and completely basic, has been awarded in the form of the possibility of deducting costs incurred.


Ayming Poland and Kantar Millward Brown conducted a study summarizing the first 11 months of the applying R&D tax relief . Its purpose was to obtain information on research and development activities in enterprises in Poland. It also shows companies’ awareness of the R&D tax relief and their plans to take advantage of this tax incentive.

The Ayming’s report shows that:

of the surveyed companies do not conduct research and development activities
of companies active in the R&D area declare no knowledge or poor knowledge of the R&D tax relief

Is it possible? Possible, but only if we assume that companies perceive their activity in the area of R&D through the lens of technologically advanced solutions or world-class innovations. In fact, R&D also means simple changes and improvements. Although they are not always revolutionary, they have a real impact on the development and increase of innovation of the company.