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September 30, 2019

The Ayming Poland report describes the benefits and challenges of accounting the R&D relief and provides practical tips on how to fully and properly identify research and development activities in a company.

The report was prepared on the basis of interviews with entrepreneurs applying the R&D relief and our own experience. It comprehensively presents the process of settling for the R&D relief – from identifying research and development activities to preparing for the event of verification activities or fiscal control. We share practical examples and case studies, so that companies interested in taking advantage of the R&D relief will be able to explore its mechanism.

Among the companies that have once settled R&D relief:

evaluates its positevely
believes that its biggest advantage is generating savings
of the largest payers overpay it

Reading it, you can find such answers as:

  • How to identify research and development activities in a full and correct way?
  • How to keep records of the eligible costs for the R&D relief?
  • What should the documentation of R&D activities look like?

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