Work accident insurance contribution

Cover image - Work accident insurance contribution

Businesses often view work accident insurance contribution as a purely HR-payroll problem, which is not strictly supervised by the financial departments.

Organizations simply view it as a fixed contribution to ZUS, believing that it cannot be managed in a way that energy costs can. In reality, the size of the accident insurance contribution is dependent on a variety of factors and may be different every year. It is the only insurance contribution that is set individually for every company.

The report shows that:

companies pay a contribution calculated on minimum %
is the share of the „hazardous conditions” area in the savings made on the accident insurance
of the total annual remuneration value savings can be acquired by verifying the accident insurance

The Ayming report was prepared on the basis of an analysis of 500 projects verifying the amount of the work accident insurance contribution carried out in 2006-2018 in enterprises employing over 200 people.

It includes answers, among others, to the following questions:

  • What are the most common reasons for incorrectly calculating the work accident insurance contribution?
  • Why should finance departments take a closer look at the costs of work accident insurance contribution?
  • What to look for when you want to reduce the current liabilities towards ZUS due to work accident insurance contribution?