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May 27, 2019

Around 1 000 invitees were present at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, for the third edition of the Business Performance Awards. This year, five laureates have been rewarded for their innovative projects creating social or environmental value.


The Business Performance Awards ceremony highlights and rewards companies that have implemented innovative initiatives, delivered global results, and have opened the field of possibilities by driving performance where it is not expected.

Hervé Amar, CEO, Ayming


The 2019 laureates selected by the jury were:

« Ayming’s favourite » prize AIR France – KLM;

Benjamin Smith, for his leadership in management since his arrival as head of the company.



Costa Crociere :

Georges Azouze – President France, for his project centered around reducing food waste on board at his fleet by 50% by 2020.



G7 :

Nicolas Rousselet – President, who has invested massively – and successfully – in new technologies and sustainable development to face the competition.




Sophie Boissard – CEO, who has placed human resources at the heart of her company project, with an  objective to be the leader in HR innovation in France.




Catia Bastioli – President, who promotes a bio-economy model to achieve economic and sustainable growth.





The Jury, presided over by Hervé Amar, is composed of 10 international figures from the economic, media and institutional worlds:

Myriam El Khomri,
Board Director of Siaci St Honoré Group

Fella Imalhayène,
Executive Director of GlobalCompact France
(United Nations)
Corinne Caillaud,
Journalist at Le Figaro

Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi,
ESSEC’s Dean

Nicolas Brien,
Managing Director of France Digitale
Marcello Albergoni,
Managing Director of Linked In Italy
Michel Mathieu,
Chief Executive Officer of LCL
Jean-Paul Mochet,
General Manager of Franprix
Pierre Pelouzet,
National Mediator of Companies
Thibaut Charmeil,
Executive Manager France Ayming

Reinventing business performance in the Europe of tomorrow

The conference’s debate subject, was on European business’s challenges, present and future, and on the levers helping companies to continue to innovate and develop themselves. Europe has to reinvent itself and companies are at the heart of that dynamic.


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